The American Green Bank Consortium was created to give voice to and create value for Green Banks across the United States


Green Banks and other mission-driven clean energy finance organizations have developed methods and products meant to drive clean energy investment into new markets. Green Banks play a vital role in sparking the massive investment needed to move to a clean energy economy, and do so by delivering cheaper and cleaner energy solutions. To realize the collective scale and value of these activities, the Consortium helps organize Green Banks in order to access more and new capital and to drive investment into ever expanding markets and technologies. The Consortium achieves this in several ways:

  • It connects Green Banks from across the country through networking, sharing know-how and other services to build a strong and growing community of practice. The Consortium helps Green Banks develop and replicate innovative finance structures, and then pair those solutions with capital at scale;

  • It works with capital providers, lenders, investors, foundations and governments to design blended clean energy investment vehicles that work at scale across the country through entire network of Green Banks;

  • It works with developers, technology companies and other market actors seeking capital and innovative financing solutions to serve their pipelines with Green Bank investment; and

  • It works with policymakers, NGOs, foundations and others looking to support Green Bank expansion through industry communication, advocacy and information sharing.

The Consortium is a collaborative project led by the Coalition for Green Capital, a non-profit with a goal of building a 100% clean energy platform by implementing Green Banks to accelerate clean energy investment.

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