Planning for a Downturn

The economy will not be this good forever. When the downturn comes, Green Banks should be armed with recommendations and best practices for riding out the potential impacts of an economic downturn.

Achieving Financial Self-sustainability

This working group will evaluate the history of Green Bank self-sustainability efforts and will detail best practices that will allow members of the American Green Bank Consortium to manage their organizations in a way that appropriately balances the trade-off between leverage and financial self-sustainability.

ITC and PTC Phase-out: Challenges and Opportunities

This working group will help Members position themselves to provide support to markets affected by the phase-down of the ITC and PTC. The working group will also study ways that Members might be exposed to negative impacts from the phase-outs, and how this exposure can be mitigated. This includes identifying potential market sectors, regions, and technologies that could be especially hard-hit by the phase-outs.